Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)


GPR is at its best when analyzing structures inside tunnels or buildings or shallow targets such as top soils on ground. Can also be applied to locating cultural targets such as underground pipes or powerlines. Due to its high resolution and cheap and fast execution, GPR can also be used as a supportive method in, for example, refraction seismic measurements. GPR can also be done from borehole.


GPR creates reflections wherever electric impedance changes in the ground, allowing it to map very varying targets, from soil structure to man- made objects. GPR gives very high-resolution results and is relatively cheap to realize.


Transmitter, receiver and batteries are usually built into one equipment, which often allows the entire system to be moved by a single person. The measurements are done by moving on predetermined measurement lines, letting the GPR make a measurement at predetermined station spacing which is usually a few centimeters. The frequency of the used antenna effects the resolution and the depth extent of the final results. The measurement setup is chosen according to the target.


Please, see our comprehensive GPR equipment from equipment listing. If you can’t find desired geophysical or any other equipment from our selection, please let us know. We have excellent connections to rental agencies and pools. Our crew has comprehensive experience of various geophysical equipment.


Client will always receive quality assured raw data from the surveys. Additionally, we are able to do the data processing and interpretation of the results. Reporting to requested level as well as orientation of the client to the survey results will be done as requested.

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