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Where to use

Typically used for locating massive metallic ores. Method is based on conductivity contrast between the conductive metallic ore and resistive host rock. Typical geological structures where the Ground TEM method is applied are: deep deposits, intrusions, massive conductive ores.


Ground TEM method is effective for locating the deep conductive deposits. TEM method is effective in guiding the following exploration acts such as core drilling.


Separate transmitter and receiver are needed. Transmitting loop is laid on the ground. The receiving 3-component magnetometer is moved on the ground or in the borehole (see Borehole TEM). Two main survey configurations are applied, static loop and moving loop. Loop size is varied according to the target depths. Super conductive magnetometers (SQUID) can be used as receiver to improve the sensitivity.


We use mainly EMIT SMARTem24 software/receiver and EMIT SMART Fluxgate 3-component magnetometer, which has become the industry standard. With the EMIT receiver, several sensors can be used simultaneously to obtain the most comprehensive possible results with a single measurement. Geonics 3D3 coil, Supracon LTS or HTS Sduids, etc. can be used as alternative or additional sensors.
Our staff has nearly a decade of experience operating Squids.

As a transmitter fleet, we mainly use ZaVeT manufacturer’s transmitters from the small and compact GTE-45 model to the giant power GTE-4M model.

Ask us for alternative equipment if the project so requires. Geovisor has excellent connections to equipment rental companies and an extensive cooperation network. Our staff has extensive experience in various geophysical equipment.


Client will always receive quality assessed raw data from the surveys. Additionally, we provide the data processing and interpretation of the results. Reporting according to request and introduction to the survey results will be done as requested.

The final product of ground TEM is usually 3D model of the deposit.

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