Induced Polarization (IP) method


Typically used for locating disseminated metallic ores. Method is based on Induced Polarization Effect on conductive ore or water particles, surrounded by more resistive host rock.


IP method is applicable for locating geological structures and disseminated deposits, where the other geophysical electromagnetic methods are not effective. Resistivity can be measured (and almost always is measured) at the same time.


A separate transmitter and receiver is usually used. A spread of electrodes is spread to the ground before measuring. Length of survey spread varies from tens of meters to kilometers. Reachable depth and resolution of results depends on survey setup and ground conditions. Various survey configurations are applied and always designed based on the investigation target.


Please, see our comprehensive IP equipment from equipment listing.

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Client will always receive quality assured raw data from the surveys. Additionally, we are able to the data processing and invert and model the results. Reporting to requested level as well as orientation of the client to the survey results will be done as requested.

The final product of IP method is usually 2D sections or inverted 3D voxel models of the target.

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