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Typically used for locating high density ores. Method can be applied in exploration related geological structure investigations as well. Method is based on measuring the gravity variation, relatively high density metallic ores causes positive anomaly in the gravity field. Can also be applied to negative anomaly cases such as industrial minerals exploration or soil thickness estimations.


Gravimetric method is effective for structural geology investigations on the areas of ore potential. Method is effective also locating and delimiting the metallic ore deposits for the use of following exploration acts, e.g. sampling and core drilling. Method is often applied also in groundwater research for large scale estimation of soil thicknesses.


Gravimetric survey is passive, and therefore only the receiver in needed. Surveys are usually carried out on pre-designed measurement points. Height from the sea level of each point is measured as well. We use modern RTK-GPS-systems for height measurement.


We use the market-leading Scinter CG-5 and CG-6 gravimeters.

However, if necessary, you can ask us for alternative equipment. Geovisor has excellent connections to equipment rental companies and an extensive cooperation network. Our staff has extensive experience in various geophysical equipment.


Client will always receive quality assessed raw data from the surveys. Additionally, we provide the data processing and interpretation of the results. Reporting according to request and introduction to the survey results will be done as requested.

Gravimetric profiles, maps and 3D models are created as requested.

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