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Borehole Packer Testing


Typically used for estimating hydraulic water conductivity of different hydrological units in a borehole. Testing can be done in relation to depth, structure and rock type. Method is based on ground water flowing in water conductive structures of the borehole, such as fractures.


Borehole Packer Testing is effective in giving detailed information on hydrological properties of various hydrological units of a borehole.  Borehole Packer Testing can help with correct design of hydrogeological program.


Standard Wireline Packer System is needed. Packer system is lowered into a borehole and the packer is filled with water until it is sealed and then water is fed into the borehole below the packer. After this the flow rate of water and/or pressure can be measured as a function of time. Test can be done at various depths up until over 1200 meters deep.


Please, see our hydrological borehole equipment from equipment listing. If you can’t find desired geophysical, hydrological borehole or any other equipment from our selection, please let us know. We have excellent connections to rental agencies and pools. Our crew has comprehensive experience of various geophysical equipment.


Client will always receive quality assured raw data from the testing. Additionally, we are able to do the processing, analysis and reporting of the results.

Reporting to requested level as well as orientation of the client to the survey results will be done as requested.

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