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Borehole Packer Testing


Water management is an essential part of a comprehensive understanding of the mine’s operating environment. It is important to know groundwater and its water connections in order to manage the environmental impact. Also in the field of infrastructure construction, the study of water conductivity is part of the planning.


The measurement is performed from a drill rig. A part of the desired length is insulated from the borehole where water pressure is created. The amount of water entering the selected segment is measured to provide information on rock integrity.


The IPI SwiPS equipment (Standard Wireline Packer System) we use is time-saving and accurate.


The water flow measurement determines the integrity of the rock to be measured. The water consumption measurement provides additional information about the fracture zones in the rock and their scale. The measurement result can be calculated as lugeon values.

Packer testing can be used to determine the water conductivity (k-value) of structures in a rock. The obtained information can be used, for example, for flow modeling. The results of packer testing can be used in the planning of other hydrological works such as well installations, pressure tests, water sampling and pumping tests.

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